Honoring our Health Care Heroes

Help shine a light on EVS professionals

Do you have an environmental services team member who truly goes above and beyond? By not only ensuring the highest levels of facility cleanliness, but by reaching out to make sure patients feel cared for and safe?

If so, nominate them for the Environmental Services Heroes on the Frontline of Health Care Monthly Spotlight, a new recognition program from Kimberly-Clark Professional and the Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE).

Send us your nominations today!

Who is your frontline hero?

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Kimberly-Clark Professional and AHE are honoring EVS professionals who have truly made a difference during these challenging times.

All spotlights selected will be featured on AHE’s website and each recognized individual will receive a small token of our appreciation for all that they do as a true Hero on the Frontline of Health Care!

Fill out this form and provide us with a brief description of why your team member should be recognized.

If your submission is selected, we will contact you to share the good news.

We appreciate all that you and your staff do each and every day. Thank you for helping to shine a spotlight on these true Heroes on the Frontline of Health Care.

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† The individuals recognized were selected by Kimberly-Clark Professional, a sponsor of AHE's EVS Week. The awardees and selection process was independently conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional. AHE did not participate in the selection process in any way. In no way should this be construed as an endorsement by AHE. Questions or comments should be sent directly to Kristen.venegas@kcc.com at Kimberly-Clark Professional.

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