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Clean confidently and efficiently with wipes you can trust

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Maintaining workplace hygiene is important, yet more complex than ever. The sheer variety of surface textures – both indoors and outdoors – can make it a challenge to create cleaner, safer spaces for your team.

Having the right balance of hygiene and efficiency will be essential to provide a more conducive working environment.

Easier cleaning, superior hygiene

Combining safety, versatility, and efficiency, the newly improved1 WetTaskTM is designed to help you confidently master every task.


Disposable wipes in closed bucket system reduces the risk of cross contamination and workers’ exposure2, while wrap-around color stickers3 eliminate misidentification and increase workplace safety1.


Wipes designed to be compatible with commonly used disinfectants4 across a wide range of environments, from healthcare to manufacturing.

With HACCP International Food Zone Secondary (FZS) certification, the wipes and bucket system are suitable for use in food services and food processing environments as well.


Ready-to-use system with optional multi-task hook5 for use on-the-go, on a cart, or on a wall – making it easy to move between tasks and improve efficiency2.