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Industry Guides

Create Cleaner Work Spaces

Your Office Hygiene Guide

In these unprecedented times, we feel a heightened sense of concern for employee well-being. Kimberly-Clark Professional is here to help. Use this guide to prepare your office for new hygiene standards.

Create Cleaner Lodging Spaces

Your Hospitality Hygiene Guide

In the new hospitality industry landscape, it’s more important than ever to prioritize hygiene within your properties. Use this guide to help you develop best practices and implement the right hygienic solutions.

Create Cleaner Education Spaces

Your Education Hygiene Guide

While your school or college enacts new safety policies and procedures, we’re here to help. Use this guide to protect educators, students and visitors with new and improved hygiene standards.

Create Cleaner Manufacturing Spaces

Your Manufacturing Hygiene Guide

As you enhance workplace hygiene to support employee well-being, we’re here to help. Use this guide to equip your facilities with new hygiene standards, both in the office area and on the production floor.

Create Cleaner Foodservice and Retail Spaces

Your Foodservice and Retail Hygiene Guide

These unprecedented times have sparked heightened concern for customer and employee well-being. In this guide, you’ll find insights and solutions to help prepare your business for new hygiene standards.

Create Cleaner Healthcare Spaces

Your Healthcare Hygiene Guide

In your efforts to safeguard personnel, patients and visitors, this guide helps you meet the highest of hygiene standards. Get guidance, tools and solutions to support cleaner hands and surfaces throughout your healthcare facility.



Improving Surface Cleaning and Disinfecting

Never before has maintaining a hygienic workplace been more critical. To ensure your surfaces are as clean as possible, consider reviewing your cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Here are some essential dos and don’ts to help make sure your facility is at its best and most hygienic at all times.


Improving Hand Hygiene

Businesses everywhere continue to prioritize hygiene for their employees and visitors. One key component of this is providing hand sanitizer when and where it is most needed - not just entryways. Here are ten key places where hand sanitizer should be placed within workplaces.


Hygienic Surface Wiping

Laundered Towels & Rags: Are They Rubbing Your Hygiene Efforts the Wrong Way?

If you’re a facility manager, the pressure is on.  However, making even relatively simple changes, like choosing disposable wipes instead of shop towels or rags to clean and disinfect surfaces, can help reduce workplace germs and enhance employee satisfaction.

Hygienic Hand Drying

In the Pursuit of Cleaner Workplaces, Paper Towels Mop Up the Competition

When it comes to hygienic hand drying, there's more than science to back up the superiority of paper towels. Users prefer them too. Learn why you should add paper towels to your workplace hygiene improvement plan.

Smart Restroom Management

Decision Time: the Business Case for Onvation

Ask any facilities manager: Better restrooms mean one less thing to worry about, and they amount to higher tenant satisfaction. See how the Onvation System helps make better restrooms happen—seamlessly.

Hygiene Expectations

How to Exceed Hygiene Expectations in the ‘New Normal’

Now, more than ever, people want to know that the places they go are as hygienic as possible – especially the restroom. We recently conducted a consumer hygiene behavior study to better understand their expectations and concerns in away-from-home environments. Download the Article

Hygiene Management

Hygiene at Work: New World, New Priorities and the Rise of New Heroes

Now more than ever, building and facility managers have an opportunity to showcase impactful leadership by developing science-based workplace hygiene improvement strategies, becoming workplace hygiene heroes as a result.

Skin Care Systems

How to Choose the Right Soaps and Sanitizers for Your Workplace

Improving workplace hygiene requires the right tools for the job. Discover how skin care systems are designed to meet specific workplace needs and help deliver the right level of hygiene – helping to ensure hand hygiene remains a collective priority.

@Work Webcasts

@Work Webcast

Hygienic Hand Drying Systems

Proper hand drying is just as critical as hand washing. Learn the best hand drying method to provide cleaner, more hygienic workspaces.

@Work Webcast

Designing Hygienic Wiping Systems

A hygienic wiping system can help reduce the spread of germs in the workplace. Go behind-the-scenes and see how we design wiping systems to meet today’s demands.

@Work Webcast

The Future of Workplace Hygiene

Forward-thinking and risk-taking drive tech breakthroughs. Learn the revolutionary thinking our innovation team is employing to push beyond the limits of hygiene system constraints. Future hygiene systems will incorporate breakthrough technologies. Come and see the innovative thinking that will shape tomorrow’s workplace.