Put your bathroom tissue
to work against germs

Learn which toilet paper systems can help
contribute to a more hygienic restroom.

What difference does
washroom hygiene make?

Poor restroom hygiene can expose employees and visitors to germs that can cause sickness.

Routine use of toilets results in the dispersal of urine- and fecal-associated bacteria throughout the restroom.*

Now ask yourself:

Are you covering all your bases to create
a more hygienic restroom environment?

Deliver optimal hygienic protection

Consider the following criteria for selecting your bathroom tissue system.

Enclosed systems

A fully enclosed dispensing system can help reduce the risk of spreading germs relative to non-fully enclosed.

Minimized run-outs

High-capacity systems can help you provide a more positive washroom experience.

No-touch dispensing

Keep people’s hands to themselves. Users only touch the paper they take.

Reduced waste

Scott® Essential dispensers feature a unique stub roll feature to reduce waste and facility spend.

Folded for hygiene

Consider using folded bathroom tissue with single-sheet dispensing.

Easy to manage

Try easy loading and keyless dispensers, equipped with a sliding door.

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