Tackle germ hot spots in the
workplace with the right wiping solution

When “clean enough” won’t cut it, arm your cleaning staff with disposable wipers.

How dirty is the average
working environment?

Dirtier to the touch

We touch 7,200 surfaces
every 24 hours1

You also touch your face 522 times a day.2

Dirtier surfaces

The average desk has 400x
more bacteria than a toilet seat3

Think twice before you eat lunch at your desk.

Dirtier devices

The average mobile phone
harbors over 6,300 bacteria4

Public transportation, the bathroom, your desk —
you’re using your phone where germs live.

Dirtier environments

Water fountain spigots have 19x
as much bacteria as a toilet seat5

Are you still feeling thirsty? 

Dirtier cleaning tools

Cotton cloths can reduce the efficacy
of disinfectant chemicals by up to 85%6

The difference between really clean and nearly clean.

Now ask yourself:

You've got the dirt on workplace germs,
are you ready to tackle them?

For good workplace
hygiene, it takes two

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend a daily,
two-pronged approach to dealing with germs on frequently touched surfaces7.

Step 1

Clean with soap or
detergent and water

While cleaning doesn’t necessarily kill germs, it lowers
their numbers and the risk of spreading them.

Step 2

Disinfect the surface*

Use EPA-registered household disinfectants
to kill germs after cleaning.

The right tools are as important
as the right protocols

Not all wipers are the same. Choose the right wiper for the task
to clean with confidence. Consider these hygienic wiping systems:

Closed bucket wiping system

The Kimtech WetTask™ closed bucket system ensures you have a clean wiper each time you clean. This helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Disposable cleaning cloths

WypAll® Wipers offer strength, absorbency and versatility – and they’re a safer, cleaner alternative and meet virtually any wiping need.

Pre-saturated sanitizing wipes

Kills bacteria on hard, non-porous, non-food contact surfaces such as bathroom sinks, faucets and other areas.

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