With our new
Scott® Rolled Hand Towels System
Designed to elevate hygiene without compromising on efficiency
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W​e understand your needs

You might be facing the challenge of
getting the perfect balance between
achieving new hygiene requirements,
maintaining efficiency and delivering
success for your business.
Scott® Rolled Hand
Towels System

Check out the great features of our system
that help manage your facility with confidence.
Discover how Airflex™ technology works

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See how Airflex™ technology
delivers better hand drying
Strong when wet*
* Comparing ordinary towel made with LDC technology and Airflex towels made with UCTAD technology. Test shown conducted in Australia. Ordinary towels in your countries may differ.
6 Compared with conventional hand towels technology in market
Better absorbency* 6
Ensure business success with our new Scott® Rolled Hand Towels System
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