In these unprecedented times, employers and facility managers feel a heightened sense of concern for employee well-being. Kimberly-Clark Professional is here to help. These segment specific guides help you to prepare your business for the new hygiene standards.

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Hygiene Guides

Foodservices & Retail Hygiene Improvement Guide

These unprecedented times have sparked heightened concern for customer and employee well-being. In this guide, you’ll find insights and solutions to help prepare your business for new hygiene standards.

Hygiene Guides

Manufacturing Hygiene Improvement Guide

As you enhance workplace hygiene to support employee well-being, we’re here to help. Use this guide to equip your facilities with new hygiene standards, both in the office area and on the production floor.

Hygiene Guides

Office Hygiene Improvement Guide

As your office building adjusts to changing times, you’re considering what you can do to safeguard well-being. This guide will help you plan and implement new standards for greater hygiene in the workplace.

Hygiene Guides

Hospitality Hygiene Improvement Guide

In the new hospitality industry landscape, it’s more important than ever to prioritize hygiene within your properties. Use this guide to help you develop best practices and implement the right hygienic solutions.

Hygiene Guides

Healthcare Hygiene Improvement Guide

In your efforts to safeguard personnel, patients and visitors, this guide helps you meet the highest of hygiene standards. Get guidance, tools and solutions to support cleaner hands and surfaces throughout your healthcare facility.

Hygiene Guides

Education Hygiene Improvement Guide

While your school or college enacts new safety policies and procedures, we’re here to help. Use this guide to protect educators, students and visitors with new and improved hygiene standards.