Improve workplace hygiene
with paper hand towels

Learn why single-use paper hand towels are the most effective,
and most hygienic, hand-drying solution.1

Why are jet air dryers 
less hygienic than paper
hand towels?

Dirtier to the touch

Jet-air dryers can increase
germs on fingers up to 42%

Your hands may actually be more contaminated
than before you washed them.

Dirtier surfaces

Jet-air dryer surfaces
can harbour more bacteria

Jet-air dryers can have up to 1,000 times more bacteria on
their surface compared to paper towel dispensers.

Dirtier environments

Jet-air dryers
disperse water droplets

When drying your hands with a jet-air dryer, water droplets that could contain bacteria and germs are blown into the air, travelling as far as 2 metres and lingering in the air for up to 15 minutes.

Now ask yourself:

Are jet-air dryers blowing
your good hygiene practices?

90% of people prefer paper towels over jet-air dryers in the washroom

Hygiene adherence would possibly decrease if paper towels are not available in washroom.

Paper towels can
reduce bacteria on hands

Drying hands with a clean paper hand towel can remove up to 77% of the bacteria that remain after washing.

Paper towels physically remove bacteria

The rubbing process of paper hand towels physically removes bacteria along with moisture.2

The recommended
hand-drying method of WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that workers “dry hands thoroughly using single-use towels.3

Innovative solutions that deliver unparalleled hygiene performance

Kimberly-Clark Professional hand-drying solutions help reduce the spread of germs.
Consider these key features when selecting the right hand-drying system for your workplace:

Unmatched Hygiene Design

Provide employees with washroom solutions designed for hygiene, without dirt traps and requiring just one wipe clean.

Touchless Solution

Boosts cleanliness by combining touchless solutions with the bacteria-reducing benefits of hand towels.

Efficient Dispensing

Support hygiene and minimise product run out through replacement roll technology – requiring 20% fewer product change overs versus folded towel.

Airflex™ Technology

Our hand towels are made with unique Airflex™ technology ensuring we deliver efficient and effective hand drying every time.

Trusted & Familiar Brands

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