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Your Healthcare Hygiene Guide

Healthcare leaders today are taking even greater precautions to safeguard personnel, patients and visitors. Use this guide to prepare your environment for the highest of hygiene standards.
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Hygiene Expertise for Hygiene Excellence

When any patient, visitor or staff member walks through the doors of your healthcare facility, they’re trusting you with their well-being. As an industry innovator and leader in hygiene products for nearly 150 years, Kimberly-Clark Professional understands the meaning of that trust. While you implement new measures and protocols, we’ve got the tools, solutions and guidance to help meet your needs.

Industry Landscape

Heightened Healthcare Precautions

It is increasingly vital to prepare for the following protocols in healthcare environments:



Frequent hand washing reinforced for everyone

Visible reminders and guidelines for staff, patients and visitors


Greater surface hygiene throughout facilities

Increase frequency of surface disinfecting with wider staff participation


Social distancing implemented whenever possible

Physical spacing and protective barriers used consistently


Appropriate use of personal protective equipment

Provide PPE and train personnel on proper use


Touch-free environment

Systems such as dispensers should be touchless where possible to avoid any touching with contaminated hands


Implementing and encouraging telehealth

Expand access to essential health services via phone and online visits

Healthcare Hygiene Assessment

Assess your building’s level of preparedness.

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WHO: Rapid hospital readiness checklist

Rapid hospital readiness checklist. Review this list of considerations from the WHO to help ensure you’ve considered everything.

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Healthcare Hygiene Hot Spots

A quick guide to areas where hands soaps, sanitisers and disinfectants should be put to use.

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Hygiene Insights

Germs: The More You Know

Germs are widespread. Here are some stats to keep in mind.

Face the Facts

About 25,000 European hospital patients with healthcare-associated infections die each year.9


Help your hands

Nearly 95%2 of adults don’t wash long enough to thoroughly clean germs from their hands.

Care for frequently washed hands

Skin irritation is the No.1 reason for the failure of hand hygiene compliance in hospitals.1

A touch of concern

In the span of 24 hours, the average adult touches 7,200 surfaces3 and touches their face 552 times10.

It’s only natural to be concerned
by numbers like these.

They underscore the need for rigorous precautions to protect the people in your healthcare environment.
Get prepared with a solid hygiene strategy.

Proactive Measures

Win in Key Action Areas

Among the many actions we can take, two important steps are more critical than ever: washing hands and disinfecting surfaces. These simple measures go a long way to help curb the spread of germs and help create a more hygienic environment.

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Hand Hygiene

A healthcare setting presents many opportunities for hands to pick up and leave behind germs—from doors to telephones, and from food trays to countertops. It’s vital to provide ample hand soap, water and disposable paper towels, as well as alcohol-based sanitisers throughout the facility. The World Health Organization recommends single-use paper towels in its patient safety instructions for health care workers.1 Drying your hands with a paper towel can reduce bacteria on hands by up to 77%.11 Post visual reminders that hands should be washed according to WHO guidelines, especially at these times6:

  • When visibly dirty or visibly soiled with blood or other body fluids or after using the washroom
  • If exposure to potential spore-forming pathogens is strongly suspected or proven
  • Before and after touching the patient
  • Before handling an invasive device for patient care
  • After contact with body fluids or excretions
  • If moving from a contaminated body site to another body site during care of the same patient
  • After contact with inanimate surfaces and objects in the immediate vicinity of the patient
  • After removing sterile or non-sterile gloves
  • Before handling medication or preparing food

Hygiene Hint
Hand hygiene is the primary measure proven to be effective in preventing HCAI and the spread of antimicrobial resistance.7


Hand washing guide

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Hand Sanitising Guide

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Hand Hygiene Routines

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Now more than ever, it’s critical to frequently clean and disinfect throughout the healthcare environment. Reception desks, nurses' stations and high-touch items - like lift buttons, call bells, waiting area chair arms, and door handles/push plates - all require due diligence. Cleaning and disinfecting several times during the day with EN-Registered products helps improve healthcare hygiene.

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers disposable cleaning cloths as a more hygienic alternative to reusable cloths. We also offer sanitising wipes for hard, non-porous surfaces and a closed-bucket wiping system for critical tasks.


Hygiene Hint
93% of sampled laundered towels used to clean hospital rooms contained bacteria that could result in healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)6.

Surface & Hand Hygiene FAQ's

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Hygiene Hot Spots in Healthcare

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WHO Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines

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One key component to successful healthcare hygiene is communication. Staff, visitors and patients at your facility are relying on leadership to prioritise hygiene in critical times. They need to know what’s being done and what’s expected of them via clear, detailed and thoughtful announcements about cleaning and hygiene measures. Print and display the following visual cues to inspire a sense of security and encourage cooperation.

Hand Washing Reminder Signage

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Safe Distance Reminder Signage

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Hygiene etiquette reminders from the WHO

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To set up a successful hygiene strategy, there are essential items to consider. Note your level of preparedness in each of these areas, then determine your action steps. For more guidance, connect with a Kimberly-Clark Professional Sales Representative to arrange a virtual hygiene site walk.

Healthcare Hygiene Assessment

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Get Washroom Hygiene Right

Seven out of ten patients and hospital visitors rate “perception of cleanliness” as extremely important to their hospital stay experience, even over quietness and staff engagement. Trends show familiar brands like Kleenex® and Scott® are preferred by consumers.

Optimise your hand drying method.

Kimberly-Clark Professional single-use towels help reduce the spread of germs. Their highly absorbent material means it takes fewer towels to dry hands. Our portfolio includes rolled and folded towels, ideal for high-capacity areas. Space-saving and efficient, touch-free dispensers, with touchless technology options, provide the solutions that suit your needs.

Maximise soap and sanitiser.

Keep hand soap in good supply to encourage proper hygiene. We deliver rich formulas containing moisturisers that help condition skin, promoting good hand hygiene and increase satisfaction. For an extra germ-killing step, provide sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol.

Prioritise your toilet paper needs.

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers hygienic, fully enclosed toilet paper dispenser options, plus disposable seat covers with dispensers that are fully enclosed for sanitation. We also offer options for maximum efficiency, as well as brands that deliver a more home-like comfort.

Expert Insights

A study by the Mayo Clinic determined that paper towels should be recommended in locations where hygiene is paramount, such as hospitals and clinics.

Get the Facts  

Hygiene Hint
Drying with paper towels can remove up to 77% of bacteria that remain on hands after washing.11

Hygiene Solutions

We've Got You Covered

Whatever your healthcare hygiene needs, Kimberly-Clark Professional has a range of solutions and bundles to help you create cleaner, more hygienic space.

Discover our recommended products and the areas where you’ll find them most useful.


Scott® Control Rolled Hand Towel System

6620/ 7375

Hygienic, touchless Rolled Hand Towel System enhances washroom hygiene with single-sheet dispensing. Provides 40% more hand dries versus competitor systems, meaning fewer refills. Brand embossed designed to be kinder to hands to actively encourage hand hygiene compliance.


Scott® Control Skincare System

6342/ 6948

Hygienic, one-wipe clean, skincare system with foam formulation giving twice as many hand washes as liquid soap.


Scott® Control Flushable Folded Hand Towel

6659/ 6945

Folded Hand Towel with Safe Flush Technology ensuring facilities are kept operational where there’s a risk of hand towels being flushed.

Scott® ControlTM Centrefeed Toilet Tissue System

Scott® Control Mini Twin Centrefeed Toilet Tissue System

8591/ 7186/ 7187

The new Scott® Control Centrefeed Toilet Tissue System offers hygienic, fully enclosed toilet paper, dispensed through a touchless, one-wipe-clean dispenser - free of all dirt traps. You only touch the sheet you use. This makes it the most hygienic twin centrefeed system available.


Scott® Control Folded Toilet Tissue System

8042/ 6946

Designed to minimise risk where hygiene and contamination control is a priority. Dispenses single toilet paper sheets, meaning you only touch the sheets you use.


Scott® Toilet Seat & Surface Cleaner

6374/ 7135

Delivering controlled shots of clear spray, helping keep your washroom clean and hygienic.


Scott® Essential Folded Hand Towel System

6637/ 6945

Efficient, folded hand towels with Airflex for a softer and more absorbent hand dry, in a hygienic one-wipe-clean dispenser.


Scott® Facial Tissue


Promote good respiratory hygiene with Scott® 100% recycled, plastic free, facial tissues. Adopt a catch it, bin it, kill it approach and catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue.


Kleenex® Wipes


Soft multi-purpose tissue wipers in an individual box.


Scott® Extra Couch Covers

7415/ 7414/ 7056

Smooth, tear resistant roll to cover clinical couches. Available in blue or white with a convenient dispenser.


Kleenex® Hand Sanitiser System

6382/ 6948

Alcohol gel hand sanitiser fortified with emollients and kills up to 99.99% of a wide range of microorganisms.


Kleenex® Hand Moisturising Lotion System

6373/ 7134

Protect frequently washed hands and avoid skin irritation with a moisturising hand lotion in a convenient wall mounted dispenser.


Scott® Control Slimroll Hand Towel System

6621/ 7955

Slimroll hand towels with Airflex for a softer and more absorbent hand dry for frequently washed hands.


Kleenex® Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes

7783/ 7936

Reduce the risk of germs spreading and promote a healthy and clean environment. Each wipe can kill common bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses.


Scott® Essential Rolled Hand Towel System

6691/ 7375

Hygienic, touchless Rolled Hand Towel System with single sheet dispensing. High capacity 350m roll requiring less refills to support hygiene standards without compromising on efficiency.


Kleenex® Hand Sanitiser System

6382/ 7124

Alcohol gel hand sanitiser fortified with emollients and kills up to 99.99% of a wide range of microorganisms.


WypAll® Centrefeed System

7278/ 7277/ 7017

Durable 2 ply wiper roll in a convenient wall-mounted centrefeed dispenser. Available in blue or white.


WypAll® X50 Cleaning Cloths

7441/ 7442/ 7443/ 7444

Colour-coded cloths for segregated hygiene cleaning in food preparation and service areas.


WypAll® Reach Centrefeed System

6223/ 6222/ 6221

Fully enclosed, portable, light wiping system ensures rolls remain clean. Use with disinfectant spray to clean & disinfect surfaces.


Kleenex® Hand Sanitiser System

6393/ 92147/ 11430

Fortified with emollients and kills up to 99.99% of a wide range of microorganisms, in a touchless dispenser design. Portable dispenser stand for entry/exits.


Kleenex® Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes

7783/ 7936

Reduce the risk of germs spreading and promote a healthy and clean environment. Each wipe can kill common bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses.


Kimtech Wettask System

7757/ 7919

Closed-bucket wiping system for saturated wiping with a variety of disinfectants, just pour in the cleaning solution of your choice.


WypAll® Microfibre Cloths

8394/ 8395/ 8396/ 8397

Versatile and washable microfibre cloths for segregated general purpose janitorial cleaning tasks.

Talk With Our Experts

Plan Your Virtual Hygiene Site Walk

Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way in choosing the right mix of products and solutions for your facility. We will:

• Identify key areas to consider hygiene upgrades
• Recommend the right mix of hygiene-solutions solutions for your facility
• Share tips and best practices on communicating changes and gaining compliance