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There are no shortcuts to workplace hygiene
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Our innovative solutions help limit the spread of germs, making every touch count in protecting your employees and those who visit your facility.

Hand-Drying Systems

The hygienic choice
for hand drying

Leading health organisations recommend paper towels as the critical hygienic choice for hand drying.

Surface Cleaning & Disinfecting

Efficiently clean
and disinfect surfaces

Single-use disposable wipers designed for specific tasks are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting.

Bathroom Tissue Systems

Help reduce cross-contamination

Opt for hygienic, one-at-a-time dispensing so users only touch the tissue they take. Want more recommendations?

Skincare Systems

Unmatched hygiene dispenser design

Smart, one-wipe clean, easy-load dispensers. Compatible with top skincare brands - Kleenex® and Scott®. Want more recommendations?

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